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Season 5 Episode 1 go!

LemADEC a posted Mon at 17:03
Update is pushed, you may start downloading it.
Servers will be updated shortly.
BlueTheBombastic DRagn why do u get to do everything I wanna help lem > ...
LemADEC a We've had to remove ModularForceField on PvP due to a bug in its libraries. We'll add it back once they fixed it. If you ...
Dragn_Song Im helping Lem right now to fix it ;)

Mine little update

LemADEC a posted Sat at 3:05
Because it's Easter, we'll be testing a quick update of the pack this week end, hopefully, you'll like it :).
Dragn_Song I like that you said Yet on that one ...
Phoenix793 As cool as all this is I was sorta expecting to see the new thaumcraft update. Is it laggy or what?
LemADEC a Sorry, I had to fight a nasty lag bug, here are the changelogs so far: Added tooltips on Tinker's item and Entity damage ...

New Minimods

Skelleton123 aa posted Apr 11, 14
Hello there!

We have appointed 5 new minimods. Wish them good luck!
Welcome to the team;

Good luck and remember to have fun! 
BJJoe10 Good job everyone! If I didn't leave the community, I might've had a chance :3. Nonetheless, enjoy your Minimod privileg ...
Burnoness Bacca's destroying me mentally with her Mod Powers :L
squince22 Congrats Guys!

Shop Update

Skelleton123 aa posted Apr 1, 14
Hi guys

It's the first of a new month. That means that we have updated some items in the shop.
New items have been added and from now on there will be 4 specials sold where you enter. These specials may change at any time, so make sure to sell your stuff before the good price is gone!

Some items to note that have changed:
  • Gunpowder, replaced by Neutral Shot
  • Cake, replaced by Pumpkin pie
  • Wheat, replaced by Bread
  • Cooked fish, replaced by Cooked Whale Steak
  • Cobble, dirt, sand and gravel have been replaced by compressed versions of it
  • Some more
Have fun selling! 

will309 yes but my calculation for resource accounting shows that the iron, gold and other materials cost more then the bullet s ...
Dragn_Song Will just saying that they have planned to keep this pack for atleast half a year so they dont want people to automate s ...
will309 So the gunpowder farms that almost all factions worked on are useless and thus the ingame economy is slowly being destro ...

Server whitelisted

LemADEC a posted Mar 26, 14
Most minecraft servers are crashing when players connect, probably an issue on Mojang servers end.
Main server is whitelisted for now to prevent world corruption due to repeated crashes.
Patch deployed, should be good now :)
jdr409 how can i get on the whitelist????????????????????????
Golden Twas a bug whit Spigot, which was adopted by MCPC, causing server tps levels to go negative, as far as I know
tvi016 I think mojang made a change to their login server that makes MCPC servers spaz out
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LemADEC   published Season 5 Episode 1 go! on News
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