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Skelleton123 aa posted Mon at 15:04
Hello there!

Have you been playing within this community for a while? Or have you just joined us? Doesn't matter! We want your feedback so we can provide even better content in the future!

We made a small little survey for you to fill in so we can have an idea of what you look for in a pack and what your computer/potato can handle. 

Keep in mind that we will be using your feedback to improve on the current season. A survey for your input in the next season will follow later this fall. 

Please fill in the 2 parts so you have answered all of our questions! If a question contains mods you have never heard of, try looking them up first, if you still don't know what they do after that, you can always skip the question.

Thanks for all of the support for almost 2 years now! Let's add at least another 2 awesome years of creative fun, pvp and blowing Pyrostasis into the space!

Survey links:


Skelleton123 aa posted Oct 5, 14
Hi there all of you! 

We kinda decided that some people deserved a promotion within the staff team. So some people have been promoted:

TCDutchman, Lord_Acid, Evderman38, Pokemontex and Si1entDeath got promoted back to Member.

Rager_101, Kylejames99 and tcbtyler2 got promoted to Moderator!

And we added two new members to the team for now, welcome to the new Mini-mods Undercovercreper and ToxicBlockCsc!

That's all for now! 
xGun3rElite a Welcome to the ranks
Dragn_Song Now lets see how long it will take for Beast to get demoted ...
Burnoness Hhaahahahhh! Beast.

TDK's Techromancer is open!

LemADEC @ TDK Prison
posted Oct 2, 14
TDK's Techromancer has been updated to 6.0.5 and is now open to players.
See Pyrostasis launch video for the new crew of madness:

Players and streamers are on the same map. Check it up at .
You can get registered in the store for $5. Grief/raid will get you a free ban and no refund.
Full pack link to add in launcher is
Light pack link to add in launcher is

There's a new custom ore generation in place, check the forum for details. Type "/kit ores" in game for a short reminder.
The following features are currently removed pending fixes:
- While Moon is fine, Mars and Space world-gen will crash the server (Mars is ok now)
- AetherCraft has been disabled until we fix the crafting issue
- Access is temporarily set to (connecting with default address will report invalid username)
- Tesseracts & Quantum bridges are banned due to server crash with WarpDrive
- WarpDrive recipes are invalid
LemADEC @ TDK Prison
updated with links to install the pack and latest fixes
creeperbomb1998 is the nasa workbench gonna be added back to this pack so you down have to complete ic2 to even get to the moon?
creeperbomb1998 is this open to twitch subs?

Texture artist

LemADEC @ TDK Prison
posted Sep 7, 14
As to help with the next update, we're looking for a texture artist to give a bit more personality to the pack.
Your submission needs to be unique and permissions explicit allowed for the TDK packs.
If you're interested contact me on TeamSpeak.
iiEdiiTion what you mean by texture artist I might be able to do it ...
MystcraftMC Yea sorry about that Lem I got busy with school,I started something some where on my PC just don't know where I exactly ...
cool19989 i might be intrested what is the main prize?
Hi guys

The server is currently down since it has been chain-crashing us. 
Mouse and Lem are still trying to figure out what the exact problem is. We have narrowed it down to some point but are still unsure what exactly is causing the chain crashing.

To keep up to date with the server status you can follow these twitter accounts:

Lem's twitter for updates on the server and French life-style:
Skelleton123's twitter for updates on where all the Rum is gone:
Pyrostasis' twitter for more random Texan stuffs:

We hope to have it back up later tonight! Hang in there with us!

You can play on the Death-match event map for now. Just login to the PvP server and enjoy killing your friends! Right now Nex73 is on top of the scoreboard followed by Frogboyswe! Go knock them off! 

Kind regards
Staff and Technics
Dragn_Song Lies! he posts nothing about french life-style's ...
Skelleton123 aa SERVER IS BACK UP!
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