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New ICBM setup

Monkey1357 aa posted Tue at 23:55

For those of you who have been asking about the new ICBM set up, we have a few links for you to check out that should help you get on your way.

Here is a general intro to it:

and here is a link for the big missle setup:

Hope this helps you all out.

Version 8.4.0 is out!

LemADEC a posted May 20, 16

A new version is out for World War Minecraft, mostly bug fixes. Now you can make even more customs missiles to defend your base and blow up your ennemies :).

A few new things

Monkey1357 aa posted May 11, 16

Just an update for all you wwm players out there.. We have had an update and took out grimoire of gaia mobs and added ICBM with fully customizable explosives. We also have a few new faces around spawn that might want to trade items or gold with you as well. Feel free to explore around and see whats new and while your at it, go blow something up and post screen shots of it. We may post them on the front page here if they are good :) as always have fun!

Coming soon...

Monkey1357 aa posted May 7, 16

We will be having a new update to WWM. I hope you guys like explosives!!!!

Stay tuned for more.............

A friendly reminder!

Monkey1357 aa posted Apr 22, 16

We interupt your regularly schedule raiding program to bring to you this forum post!!


If you want to play on the new update, you need to see that forum post and use the new link for the pack!!!

Thank you, we now return you back to your regular raiding programs. Have a nice day.

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