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LemADEC a posted Jan 12, 15
S7 Alpha pack has been updated today with many fixes, also removing a few more mods too buggy or not PvP enough, adding new transport options... We've yet to find a decent mobs mod for our Steampunk/Medieval setup, I guess we'll go without.
You may check the change logs on the Technic page if you want to know more.

Beta server is missing a mod (SC2) due to a server side bug, we'll see when the author can fix it. It's still accessible in SSP, so go test it!

We could use a couple potatoe owners to ensure it's stable enough for them, contact staff on TS to get the link.

Season 7 alpha

LemADEC a posted Jan 4, 15
We've released a new alpha for WWM season 7.
Test server is up. Current WWM donators who would like to help us testing it, please contact staff to get white-listed.

Keep in mind that official release won't happen before at least a month.
As usual, we value your feed-backs and invite you to use the suggestion forum as needed :).
craftclone Can I help test it I've been in all seasons and donated every season

Moving out!

Skelleton123 aa posted Dec 8, 14
Hey guys and girls!

TDK Prison has it's own forum from now on! That means the store and forum boards for it have been moved. You can find a link on the forums where to go and all active links on the server etc... should have been updated as well! 

Go get postcount over there!

Kind Regards
Skelleton123 - Community Manager
Skelleton123 aa Your own name is blue ping. Buy a pair of glasses!
Burnoness Your eyes are getting a bit worn out Ping ;P
pingpongen5 Don't use blue text, it's unreadable on the black background.

Coming to a WWM near you...

LemADEC a posted Nov 28, 14
Hopefully this week end, we'll push update 6.2.0 of WWM. This will be our final update for season 6 as we move closer to the finale and our next installment.
Changes includes:
- re-balanced guns with partial armor percing
- a new healing gun
- a working shotgun
- a classic back from the grave (literally)
- easier enchanting
- and obviously, more melons!

We'll also be adjusting the perk a bit (more details to come) and change the server port number.
LawrenceD What if all donator-only items were made available to everyone and the twilight forest made to reset every 24 hours? Tha ...
shootme410 Time to stir up the server perhaps? Lets seee ...
connor_man_99 It would come back to life if they actually did something about it, like adding events and updates...
Everything in the TDK Prison Store is now 30% off till Saturday! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

TDKPrison Store
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