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A friendly reminder!

Monkey1357 aa posted Apr 22, 16

We interupt your regularly schedule raiding program to bring to you this forum post!!


If you want to play on the new update, you need to see that forum post and use the new link for the pack!!!

Thank you, we now return you back to your regular raiding programs. Have a nice day.

Reactor setup help

Monkey1357 aa posted Apr 11, 16

If you are having trouble setting up your reactors for warp drive, give this video a watch and it should help you out.

Open Now!!

Monkey1357 aa posted Mar 26, 16

We are now live on WWM!! Come on and join us on this anarchy thrill ride!! IP is preloaded in the pack for you all. From the technic launcher, search for "World War Minecraft (official)" or click here.

WWM Season 8!!!

Monkey1357 aa posted Mar 25, 16

We are pleased to announce the server you have all been waiting for! The opening of the WWM season 8 server. We have magic, we have guns, we have space! Come on and check it out tommorrow Sat @ 4pm CST


It all starts again..

Monkey1357 aa posted Mar 22, 16

As the haze clears up in your head from the impact, you look around to find yourself in a mysterious place with your gun still in hand.

You can still feel magic in the air from the attack, but not quite sure why it lingers. You don't see your escape ship anywhere in the mass wreckage of the capital ship, but you still have the survival kit you grabed on your way out.

As you look up you see the planets and moons sparkle knowing on everyone of them people are killing eachother for the untold riches they each hold. When you look down it finally sinks in that you are alone, for now, and that now is the time to start gathering supplies and building a shelter before you aren't alone anymore.

You look around at the remains of the ship, you find all the blueprints you need to get yourself back up there and in the fight for control of the universe.

To be continued on Friday for World War Minecraft 8!

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