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Small Forum Overhaul

Skelleton123 aa posted Mar 2, 15

Hey guys and girls, 

I just "cleaned" up the forum a bit. I moved all unnessecary topics out of view so you guys get a better overview of everything that is here. It's a smaller board now that fits for the activity we have on this forum. All posts and boards related to Prison have been moved as you can communicate about it on

Also the Twitch Lounge area has been hidden for now. 

Don't worry if you had a post you wanted to keep, it could be moved to "off-topic" or it is still hidden somewhere in the archive. Contact an admin if you'd like access to it again.

Off-topic now includes the other boards that were in the 'community category'. They are now all together since there wasn't much action on any of those boards. All topics that hadn't been locked yet where moved to the Off-topic board, so you can find them there.

Hope we can all get some more life into these forums.

Kind regards,

Community Manager

7.0.2 beta updated

LemADEC a posted Feb 16, 15

A new update as been pushed for beta. A bit of cleanup in the mods, hopefully open beta will follow with next update.

MYSTICXXX_ Cant wait for the next season so Excited! :]
percyqqq Lem how do i get on the beta testing for season 7.

February update!

LemADEC a posted Feb 8, 15

It appears we were a bit too ambitious with this new season of us, sorry for that.

We're currently looking for volunteers to help test a couple mods (namely AuraCascade and minions), please contact staff on TS.

The Dark Assassin I can help take a look Im already fully set up just give me a day to overcome my illness and I will try to log on, I may ...
DeniGA I really want to help you guys with the mods. Just reply ...


LemADEC a posted Jan 12, 15
S7 Alpha pack has been updated today with many fixes, also removing a few more mods too buggy or not PvP enough, adding new transport options... We've yet to find a decent mobs mod for our Steampunk/Medieval setup, I guess we'll go without.
You may check the change logs on the Technic page if you want to know more.

Beta server is missing a mod (SC2) due to a server side bug, we'll see when the author can fix it. It's still accessible in SSP, so go test it!

We could use a couple potatoe owners to ensure it's stable enough for them, contact staff on TS to get the link.

Season 7 alpha

LemADEC a posted Jan 4, 15
We've released a new alpha for WWM season 7.
Test server is up. Current WWM donators who would like to help us testing it, please contact staff to get white-listed.

Keep in mind that official release won't happen before at least a month.
As usual, we value your feed-backs and invite you to use the suggestion forum as needed :).
craftclone Can I help test it I've been in all seasons and donated every season
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