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LemADEC a posted Aug 1, 15

For those who missed it, we're part of FunSquareGames Network. There you can find our custom PvE modpack Arcaniacraft, a public Horizons server and a bunch of Vanilla server including survival, Creative and minigames. So go there right now and have your bucketload of fun!

Our previous box finally expired a couple weeks back and marked the end of WorldWarMinecraft season 6. It was about time, after a year long :).
Season 7 is still up for the taking on our Voltz server.

Now about Season 8, we'll try our teeth on a season 3 combo, a.k.a. Gregtech with ArsMagica. We're still looking for an interresting weapon mod to come with, so alpha is loaded with weapons to try out... Links to be posted soon (c).

As for WarpDrive, it's still being updated for Minecraft 1.7.10, so it won't be part of season 8 right away, we'll see.

Thanks for an awesome event boys and girls, it was a blast for us all!

New server is reachable at with a fresh start for everyone :)

TDK perms remains valid until end of July. FSG perms will be setup in the coming days, along with the vote site. Shop is already open.

Voltz map rebirth

LemADEC a posted Jun 30, 15

As of today, I now own the whole WWM Intellectual Property (except for Pyrostasis YT series, obviously). As such, lots of changes are coming up and we thank you for you patience during the transition.

To celebrate that, we'll be holding an SpawnDefence event on our Voltz server this friday.

Starting 10PM CEST / 3PM CST, spawn protection will be removed, except for ICBM explosives & interdiction matrixes. Players will then have 1 hour to build a protection for spawn.

Starting 11PM CEST / 4PM CST, staff and YouTuber will start attacking spawn in waves, until they reach the chopper. Attackers will have infinite resources but will progressively upgrade their armors and tools (starting from leather, then iron, then etc. up to obsidian).

Eventually, staff will reach the chopper and will blow up spawn with red matter.

At this point, we'll open a new fresh map on the new server.
Existing TDK Network ranks will be valid on Voltz for one month, as we transition to the new FSG Network ranks.

Until then, please use the following addresses to connect to:
* Voltz is
* WWM6 is

If you have any questions, please post in the comments section below.

minecraftpie12 Everyone get on
Luukasminer Umm... Theheck happened to WWM being pyrostasis's thang?
bross48 First of all hey Lem, second of all FSG? and will we need to rebuy our ranks?

Season 7 is Voltz classic

LemADEC a posted Apr 6, 15

Just a quick update for you all.

Since WWM seasons follow Pyrostasis YouTube serie, we're officially considering our TDK Voltz classic as Season 7. Hopefully, Season 8 will be very Voltz on 1.7.10. It's the official 2.0.4 Voltz modpack in the Technic launcher, our server is reachable at The WorldWarMinecraft season 6 server is left open for now.

What used to be the beta pack for WorldWarMinecraft Season 7 is more medieval and doesn't fit the Voltz 'touch'. We'll propose it to players later on under another name.

Kirby [YT] I can't wait infill 2016 i am doing a video for my channel i am gonna use this as practice

Hey guys and girls, 

I just "cleaned" up the forum a bit. I moved all unnessecary topics out of view so you guys get a better overview of everything that is here. It's a smaller board now that fits for the activity we have on this forum. All posts and boards related to Prison have been moved as you can communicate about it on

Also the Twitch Lounge area has been hidden for now. 

Don't worry if you had a post you wanted to keep, it could be moved to "off-topic" or it is still hidden somewhere in the archive. Contact an admin if you'd like access to it again.

Off-topic now includes the other boards that were in the 'community category'. They are now all together since there wasn't much action on any of those boards. All topics that hadn't been locked yet where moved to the Off-topic board, so you can find them there.

Hope we can all get some more life into these forums.

Kind regards,

Community Manager

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