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And the winners are...

LemADEC @ World War Minecraft
posted Wed at 20:20
As announced earlier, the winners of the bunker conquest are Arevera1 & sub0domakind, Wargon & dustyham.
They're each entitled to 1 month of our higher rank (Stalker) or equivalent (3 months AdoringFan, access to Tech or credits). Congratulations girl & boys! Message us in game which rank you want.

In other news, earlier today we've deployed a patch for Hexxit armors so they actually break when fully damaged.
Florbs should be coming up soon as long as microblocks support for WarpDrive this week end.
DammagedSoul congrats guys good work on the bunker

Honnor the owner at his birthday party!

LemADEC @ World War Minecraft
posted Aug 10, 14
As most of you already knows, this monday is Pyrostasis birthday. A surprise party will be held at the WWM6 'old' spawn around 4PM his time / around 10PM Western Europe time.
Hoppers will be setup for all your presents to Pyro. Food and fun will be provided for free.
Come in numbers!
djrouse i wish that mebers could use the warp dive mod and computer craft
dustyham94 Only regret is missing the stream, even if i'm broke af atm
SirRob It has been done,Dustyham

Quick update

LemADEC @ World War Minecraft
posted Jul 25, 14
Yesterday crash was due to corrupted player data involving a dolly with a barrel. We can't reproduce it, so for now we seat tight and hope.
Pack was updated to fix an energy consumption bug with WarpDrive (RF was giving ~16x more power then IC2). It's also include a largely improved mining laser with automated program, support for multiple lasers connected over LAN wiring, better graphics, increased ranges, etc. For the record, you can plug an ME cable directly to the mining laser! Mining will stop if it can store the item, after spitting it on the ground. In space, mining laser use a bit less power than a BuildCraft quarry while being a bit faster.
Also, this update address the Radar with 2 basic programs and a few other minors fixes.

When using AirGenerators, keep in mind it'll lag your client if you put too much of them. Server will hardly feel it but most clients will have a bit of FPS lag (lots of transparent blocks) and eventually slow connection (lots of bandwidth usage). As such, they were slowed down to help with it.

We still have an IC2 energy net bug crashing the server every now and then. Please be careful to cut the power before dismounting IC2 cable/fibers and machines. It greatly reduce the chance of crashes.

As a word of advice, when the server crash right after you login or do something, please consult an admin instead of chain crashing the server. It'll be better for other players so they can play and it'll help us narrow down the issue faster. Obviously, crashing voluntarily the server will not be tolerated...

On the bright side, auto-restart on crash now works properly, yeah!

As always, please report your comments/suggestions in the forum, especially on WarpDrive recent changes as more changes/tweaks are in the plan.
modragon4545 lem I have a issue when I try to join a server and I join the mod pack boom it a pickture then 5 mins later quit out of ...

Server Down!

Skelleton123 aa
Skelleton123 @ World War Minecraft
posted Jul 24, 14
Hi all.

Just so the forum doesn't get spammed with "I can't get on the server" & "The server is down" topics.
Mouse tried fixing it, but he doesn't have the "Lem-powers" so it's not working. We'll have to wait for mighty Lem to come home, feed his cat, pet his cat, put his cat on his keyboard and let it do the magic.

Thank you for you patience

Skelleton123, Bringer of bad news. 
Skelleton123 aa
Skelleton123 @ World War Minecraft
UPDATE YOUR PACK It's back up.

Update online!

LemADEC @ World War Minecraft
posted Jul 14, 14
We've updated the modpack mostly to fix bugs in WarpDrive:
- Fixed WarpDrive cloaking coils remaining visible, etc.
- Fixed WarpDrive oxygen not required in space
- Fixed WarpDrive entity respiration corrupting world blocks
- Fixed WarpDrive ship 'deleted' when jumping too high in space or hyperspace
- Fixed WarpDrive /space command from command blocks and console
- Fixed WarpDrive no collision when jumping below bedrock or above sky limit
- Fixed WarpDrive controller lua script to get size after jump
- Fixed WarpDrive insane collision damages
- Improved WarpDrive logs spam & readability (partial)
- Improved WarpDrive performance on Moon/gaz world generation, gaz/air rendering, cloaked players, etc.
- Improved WarpDrive uncloaking special effect
- Updated WarpDrive moons to be more frequent
- Updated WarpDrive collision damages to be done at target on multiple points
- Updated WarpDrive asteroid fields to be more frequent, use more height and have a spheric shape
- Updated WarpDrive asteroids to be twice more corrupted
- Updated WarpDrive ship and cloaking size limit from 100 to 127
- Added WarpDrive overworld world border
- Fixed radioactive effects crash
- Fixed various exploits with AetherCraft (IC2 notably)

Please note the following:
- ships will no longer disappear when jumping too high
- ships will now properly collide/explode when jumping down in occupied space
- cloak is largely improved
- space will look much more natural

As always, you need to restart your launcher so it detects it.
saphireslayer21 is the server down?
_PoezeWoefke_ @ World War Minecraf...
Just wondering, if u don't need oxygen anymore. Everyone will go live in space. For alot of people maintaining oxygen wa ...
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