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8.0.13 is up

LemADEC a posted Sun at 20:54

Today, we've updated to 8.0.13. This a quick fix for a couple bugs related to Immersive engineering.

8.0.12 is out!

LemADEC a posted Jan 25, 16

We've released version 8.0.12 which updates all mods, notably WarpDrive.

You may now enjoy space world generation, easy laser/monitor setup with tuning forks, and 3 tiers of ship hulls to protect your ships (or base) with.

Sirpancake55 Whats ip to server and Ts??????!?!?!?


monkey_skull1357 aa posted Dec 12, 15

We are now updated to 8.0.9. We look forward to seeing all your happy faces on the server with us. Have fun and enjoy!

tomolyk901 Any idea when it is coming out?
Gamershowzya234 do i need to download a resource pack and also whats the ip
Olvera_studios im on a mac and it wont let me join the server

We have fixed the recent bug that was keeping blocks from dropping items. Feel free to come back on and mine to your hearts content! Remember to keep letting us know about any other issues going on in the technical issues forum thread. Thank you.

Yes it is here, the beta you have been waiting for. WWM season 8!!

So come online and help us work out our bugs and or glitches and do what you do in betas.

If you need help installing the pack we have a link to help you out:

Please keep in mind this is a BETA and there will be some things you run into. Make sure you post any issues, bugs/glitches/exploits etc. that you find.

Have fun and raid some people.

RAGER_101 Fank as Duck.
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