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Hi guys

The server is currently down since it has been chain-crashing us. 
Mouse and Lem are still trying to figure out what the exact problem is. We have narrowed it down to some point but are still unsure what exactly is causing the chain crashing.

To keep up to date with the server status you can follow these twitter accounts:

Lem's twitter for updates on the server and French life-style:
Skelleton123's twitter for updates on where all the Rum is gone:
Pyrostasis' twitter for more random Texan stuffs:

We hope to have it back up later tonight! Hang in there with us!

You can play on the Death-match event map for now. Just login to the PvP server and enjoy killing your friends! Right now Nex73 is on top of the scoreboard followed by Frogboyswe! Go knock them off! 

Kind regards
Staff and Technics
Dragn_Song Lies! he posts nothing about french life-style's ...
Skelleton123 aa SERVER IS BACK UP!
We're doing a brand new building contest for a MEGA industrial ship on World War Minecraft! Want some ranks for free on me? Think you can build a giant world eater? Then watch the video below for details and get to building!

MystcraftMC I got back from vacation last night around 11 pm and saw this post hopped right on and just worked like a beast for abou ...


LemADEC a posted Aug 23, 14
We'll be updating the pack in a couple days, here's a preliminary list of what's coming up:
- Added WarpDrive secret
- Added WarpDrive support for ForgeMultipart/Microblocks
- Updated WarpDrive LUA scripts (radar on any side, etc.)
- Updated WarpDrive reactor description to avoid confusion
- Updated WarpDrive breathing in space so it makes a bit more sense
- Fixed WarpDrive integration with AtomicScience, including deuterium for mining
- Fixed WarpDrive air generation (rare case of world corruption)
- Fixed WarpDrive camera handling (falling viewer, memory leak, chunk (re)loading)
- Fixed WarpDrive laser lift to be more robust and consistent while adding CC support to it
- Replaced a few hacks with cleaner implementation
- Fixed GunCus recoil handling (bipod, grip, etc. had little to no effect)
- Fixed GunCus using the first gun found instead of the held one
- Fixed M1911 missing textures
- Updated Resonant-Engine from to Development- (custom fix for fusion reactor & friends)
- Updated Universal-Electricity from to
- Updated GunCus from 1.6.4-BETA-v2 to TDK-1.6.4-v3.13 (see above for details)
- Updated hexxitgear from 1.0TDK5b to 1.0TDK5c (armor breaking at 0 durability)
- Updated WarpDrive from 16TDK5bh to (see above for details)
- Updated WarpDriveCore from to
- Updated bdlib* from to
- Updated EnviroMine* from 1.1.54 to 1.1.66
- Updated ExtraCells from 1.6.8f to 1.6.9d
- Updated Galacticraft* & MicdoodleCore from 1.6.4- to 1.6.4-
- Updated magicbees from 2.1.12 to 2.1.13
- Updated MobiusCore from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2-1.6.4
- Updated StargateTech2* from 0-7-2 to 0-7-4
- Updated Sync* from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3
- Updated ForgeMultipart from to
- Updated PluginsForForestry from 3.2.30 to 3.2.30hotfix
- Updated VeinMiner* from 0.12.2_MC1.6 to 0.12.3_MC1.6
- Updated VeinMinerModSupport* from 0.5.0 to 0.5.1
- Updated DamageIndicators from to
- Updated gendustry* from to
- Updated JABBA from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4
- Updated MCIcraft from 1.0.5WIP_2014-05-28 to 1.0.5b
- Updated MoreHealthEnhanced from 5.2 to 5.3
- Updated EquivalentExchange3* from 0.1.140 to 0.1.142
- Updated ExtraTiC from 0.8.0 to 0.8.3
* denotes mods specific to TDK's Techromancer
BlackHawk8100 *We removed Herobrine, again...

And the winners are...

LemADEC a posted Aug 20, 14
As announced earlier, the winners of the bunker conquest are Arevera1 & sub0domakind, Wargon & dustyham.
They're each entitled to 1 month of our higher rank (Stalker) or equivalent (3 months AdoringFan, access to Tech or credits). Congratulations girl & boys! Message us in game which rank you want.

In other news, earlier today we've deployed a patch for Hexxit armors so they actually break when fully damaged.
Florbs should be coming up soon as long as microblocks support for WarpDrive this week end.
LemADEC a Wargon/overlord1416 is served, including extra french fries dustyham94, post here when you want your 3 months to start I ...
Wargon I will have the same as Dusty with an order of fries.
dustyham94 Lem, currently i'm without a PC for the foreseeable week, I'll let you know when I'm back and I'll take the 3 months of ...
As most of you already knows, this monday is Pyrostasis birthday. A surprise party will be held at the WWM6 'old' spawn around 4PM his time / around 10PM Western Europe time.
Hoppers will be setup for all your presents to Pyro. Food and fun will be provided for free.
Come in numbers!
djrouse i wish that mebers could use the warp dive mod and computer craft
dustyham94 Only regret is missing the stream, even if i'm broke af atm
SirRob It has been done,Dustyham
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