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Call of arms!

LemADEC ao posted Jul 7, 17

A distress call has been heard from deep space, Mr. S is requesting your immediate assistance!

His ship is believed to hold a weapon of great power that needs to be protected at all cost.

After careful consideration, the overworld spawn has been defined as the best place to hide and protect this equipment. A beacon has been setup to guide him to this safe place.

According to latest telemetry measures, his ship would be arriving among us on Saturday 15th July 1PM CET (Texas), 8PM CEST (Paris). At which time, all existing, returning and new members of the community will have the opportunity to fortify the overworld spawn.

It's believed that his nemesis are in pursuit and will arrive shortly after him, about 1h later.

Until then, you've this final week to recruit, build weapons and sharpen your defence strategy in preparation for the final attack. You may also raid your neighbors for good measure, too :).

As said, if not protected, this weapon will trigger a full server wipe and, according to the ancients, the beginning of a new age will happen... somewhere in space... among Arch magical beings...

Update: a scouting probe has been sent, it captured what appears to be a ennemy ship

ArsMagica go!

LemADEC ao posted Mar 12, 17

We're giving another try to ArsMagica2 with an experimental 1.10.2 modpack on Curse.

Look for "Mage Wars" in the launcher!

Season 9 is go!

LemADEC ao posted Jul 23, 16

Server is now open to public, come and join our spawn space station to get your first ship :)

Season 9 opening!!

Monkey1357 aa posted Jul 21, 16

I know you all have been waiting for season 9 to open and it is finally here!!!!

Public server will open on Saturday 8PM Eastern Europe, 1PM US Central

Come check out the new things we have in store for you for this season. Come raid and fly with us in space.

For more infor and to keep up with the pack please visit the link below

We would also like you to join us on discord

Golemboy I couldn't find an admins page so I just posted where I could...well I died in spawn from suffocation...(I forgot t...

Season 9 warming up

LemADEC ao posted Jul 4, 16

We've a beta pack for Season 9. If you want the latest news or simply help us building it, join our season 9 channel on discord:

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