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- Markus?

- Yes, son?

- There was a lot of noise last night again...

- Indeed, we had another hull breach

- I don't like those.

- That's ok, we can handle this.

- Is that the Herbo guy again?

- Hero...

- Hero, Herbo, whatever his name, I want to sleep! Those icy spells are hard enough as is...

- So today's your finals in Wizardry?

- Yep!

- Cool! so we can hope to have shower without ice coming randomly from your exercices?

- Come on grand'pa, it was an accident!

- Just kidding...

- ...

- Grab your toast, we need to leave before the next warp jump

- Again? when will we arrive?

- Soon...

Once upon a time...

LemADEC a posted Oct 21, 15

- Hey Alex, did you have a good sleep?

- *yawning* it was good grand'pa Markus...

- good... good... very good...

- what's up?

- have your breakfast, we need to move!

- yeah... yeah... I know...

- (mumbling)

- what's going on grand'pa?

- something as awaken...

- is that herboguy again?

- Herbo... yeah...

- is it...

- mmh... no, it can't be him...

- ...

- Come on! grab your toast, we're late!

craftclone toast is good

Attention everyone!!

All of the FSG servers and services will be offline starting at 11:00am EST for about 2 hours. We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience to our players but the changes we are making should help our entire server run better. Thank you for your patience during out down time and we hope to see you soon.

Also plese check this post for more updates during our outage.

-FSG Staff

Warming up...

LemADEC a posted Aug 1, 15

For those who missed it, we're part of FunSquareGames Network. There you can find our custom PvE modpack Arcaniacraft, a public Horizons server and a bunch of Vanilla server including survival, Creative and minigames. So go there right now and have your bucketload of fun!

Our previous box finally expired a couple weeks back and marked the end of WorldWarMinecraft season 6. It was about time, after a year long :).
Season 7 is still up for the taking on our Voltz server.

Now about Season 8, we'll try our teeth on a season 3 combo, a.k.a. Gregtech with ArsMagica. We're still looking for an interresting weapon mod to come with, so alpha is loaded with weapons to try out... Links to be posted soon (c).

As for WarpDrive, it's still being updated for Minecraft 1.7.10, so it won't be part of season 8 right away, we'll see.

Thanks for an awesome event boys and girls, it was a blast for us all!

New server is reachable at with a fresh start for everyone :)

TDK perms remains valid until end of July. FSG perms will be setup in the coming days, along with the vote site. Shop is already open.

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