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Emergency Maintenace

TDKPyrostasis a posted 11 hours ago
We have a Harddrive issue with our box and need to take all servers down for a brief maintenance period. We expect the downtime to be less than an hour.

I'll update this post once we have more info. Sorry for the issue!

**Update since been resolved!
LemADEC a All servers are back online since 5 min or so.
MystcraftMC o
MystcraftMC @ TDK Prison
Lol was just about to record then poof server went down Btw msg me on ts if you wanna record with me I'm in recording ...

Reward Crate Revamp

TDKPyrostasis a posted Fri at 10:36

If you logged in this morning and wondered why the reward area was encased in bedrock wonder no more! I'm revamping the rewards and percentages of the crates.

I hope to have them back up as soon as possible. You can still get into the room if you like and use the keys via /warp crate keep in mind though it will be old rewards or completely broken rewards and there is a strong chance you'll just waste your key. I highly recommend you save them up and blow them on the NEW crates later this weekend!

Should be finished in the next 24 hours!
snowdog6978 how has the revamp been going?
Head on over and start posting!
daniel Can i get unbanned-Kiks26 and the glitch is glitching TDK Tokens while mining Coal blocks i can show it but idk how to d ...
goffy25 Pyro or lem there is an issue with my cell can you fix it
Hey guys!

We've been working hard over the past few weeks on a new project a top notch custom PRISON SERVER!

This server is now open to the public and all are welcome to join!

I recommend you watch the tutorial video here

Afterwards check out the start of my new $100 Million Prison Challenge video!

Hope to see you all on the server soon!

Check the YouTube description for more information...
ToxicblockCsc I've missed where I could find the server's IP.... Anyone?
Burnoness What benefits do you get from ranking up wards?

Give us your feedback!

Skelleton123 aa posted Oct 20, 14
Hello there!

Have you been playing within this community for a while? Or have you just joined us? Doesn't matter! We want your feedback so we can provide even better content in the future!

We made a small little survey for you to fill in so we can have an idea of what you look for in a pack and what your computer/potato can handle. 

Keep in mind that we will be using your feedback to improve on the current season. A survey for your input in the next season will follow later this fall. 

Please fill in the 2 parts so you have answered all of our questions! If a question contains mods you have never heard of, try looking them up first, if you still don't know what they do after that, you can always skip the question.

Thanks for all of the support for almost 2 years now! Let's add at least another 2 awesome years of creative fun, pvp and blowing Pyrostasis into the space!

Survey links:

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